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Courts Crossing Borders

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Courts Crossing Borders: Blurring the Lines of Sovereignty

Courts Crossing Borders

Blurring the Lines of Sovereignty

$28.00 264 pp paper

Tags: Courts, International Law, Political Science

Legal issues that have traditionally been treated as domestic are increasingly governed by transnational law and numerous obscure tribunals. This book acquaints students of law and politics with the largely unrecognized authority of transnational legal systems and the ways boundaries of national sovereignty are being eroded in the 21st century. The editors have skillfully organized their collection around issues dealing with both human rights and issues of trade and used a comparative approach to analyze the many court decisions, treaties, and legal agreements that affect national sovereignty. Among subject areas included are: Courts and Regional Trade Agreements, Dispute Resolution under NAFTA, and Universal Criminal Jurisdiction.

"This is an edited book that brings together in one highly readable place a crisp and engaging look at transnational courts in today's global world....In sum, Courts Crossing Borders is a quality effort that deserves careful reading. Enhancing a deeper understanding of this timely topic, it is a book that can be profitably studied by students, scholars, and the curious public." — Law & Politics Book Review, 2005

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