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Balance of Forces

Balance of Forces View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Balance of Forces: Separation of Powers Law in the Administrative State

Balance of Forces

Separation of Powers Law in the Administrative State

$63.00 560 pp jacketed hardback

Tags: Constitutional Law, Government/National Security Law

Balance of Forces addresses the question: How can an eighteenth-century Constitution effectively control a twenty-first-century government? Bruff explores and critiques the law that governs the relationships among the three constitutional branches, and between them and the massive administrative bureaucracy that has arisen. He examines the delicate tradeoffs between autonomy and accountability that govern each branch. Bruff also canvasses the ways that the elected branches oversee the bureaucracy, as they compete to control the administrative state.

"This is a sophisticated study of the conflict between autonomy and accountability in each branch of government." — Bimonthly Review of Law Books

"...An excellent source of information . . . written in an engaging style." — The Law and Politics Book Review

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