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New York Criminal Procedure

An Analytical Approach to Statutory, Constitutional and Case Law for Criminal Justice Professionals

Second Edition

by Christopher J. Morse, Brian J. Gorman

Tags: Criminal Justice/Law Enforcement, Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Legal Issues

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ISBN 978-1-59460-343-3
eISBN 978-1-61163-289-7

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This book presents an analysis of New York criminal procedure law that integrates the three sources of the law: statutory law, case law, and constitutional law. It is difficult, if not impossible, for anyone without formal legal education to acquire a reasonable understanding of the criminal procedure process without such integration and analysis.

New York Criminal Procedure covers the criminal procedure statute in its entirety, from arrest, arraignment, pleadings, hearings, motions, discovery, evidence, trial and appeal to special procedures such as immunity, jurisdiction, wiretapping, the death penalty, and extradition. Morse integrates and analyzes the statute with court decisions and constitutional considerations, presenting the reader with a ready knowledge of the criminal procedure process. The book contains over eighty edited, illustrative cases illustrating various aspects of criminal procedure law such as stop and frisk, search warrants, no-knock entry, grand jury proceedings, plea bargaining, bail, admission at trial of previous statements of witnesses, bodily intrusions, DNA testing, suppression of evidence, jury trial, sentencing, and sex offender registration.

This second edition is revised and updated to include the myriad of new developments in the ever-evolving area of criminal procedure law. The authors illuminate the intersection of statutory law, case law, and constitutional law to demonstrate how they come together to create the lawful procedures required of criminal justice professionals.

"Morse and Gorman deliver an essential resource for criminal justice professionals.New York Criminal Procedureis a comprehensive text that provides all one needs to know about New York Criminal Procedure. The book seamlessly integrates three sources of law that must be known to follow New York's Criminal Procedure laws. The edited judicial opinions help the reader with the latest interpretation of criminal procedure statutes… ."

John Nicholson, Former Precinct Commander

"New York Criminal Procedure provides a comprehensive treatment of the criminal procedure law that can be used in classrooms in any jurisdiction."

Michael Duell, County College of Morris, New Jersey/Fairleigh Dickinson University & Former Chief of Police

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