Ethical Behavior in Sport

by Herb Appenzeller

Tags: Risk Management, Sports

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As a participant in sport on both the high school and collegiate level, as well as a coach and athletic director, the author of Ethical Behavior in Sport, reflects on 70 years in the sport industry in this new text.

It is different from other books that deal with the important issues of ethics in sport since uses the meaningful on-the-job experiences of the author, starting with his first varsity football game in which he witnessed blatant bigotry and harassment.

From Little League to professional sports, the book raises ethical questions from the past to present.

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"Throughout the text, suggestions, lists and checklists help the reader not only synthesize the situation, but allow for a methodical disssection of what issues are essential, helping to tease out issues and emotions that might cloud the situation. Each section of the book asks some hard-hitting and thought-provoking questions.

…The value of the information contained in the text cannot be understated as we again find the role of athletes, administrators and sponsors becoming the focus of sports in a manner that leads us all to question what is right and what is ethical behavior on behalf of our athletes and institutions." — Interscholastic Athletic Administration Magazine

"Having taught ethics as a field of philosophy for over three decades and having served in athletics as a player, coach, and athletic director, it was a fresh and exciting experience to read Herb Appenzeller's Ethical Behavior in Sport. It is a perfect blend of the practical and the theoretical concepts of moral philosophy as applied to the field of sport. For students beginning to study sport as an academic discipline Ethical Behavior in Sport is an excellent introduction to the ethical dilemmas athletic competition presents." — Arthur G. Ogden, United States Sports Academy

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