Work Law in American Society

Second Edition

by Kenneth M. Casebeer, Gary Minda

Tags: Labor/Employment Law, Work Law

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ISBN 978-1-59460-598-7

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Written in the traditions of legal realism, law and society, and materials analysis, this casebook offers law students a paradigm-shifting introduction to the field of labor and employment law. This book is different from others of the genre in that it focuses on both individual and collective law and legal power in our society. Organized around the legal contests facing people who work within a democratically established market economy, this book deals with contemporary conflicts within finance-driven and internationalized divisions of social labor in increasingly multi-cultural workforces. It is meant to facilitate student speculation on the many relationships of legal practices within, and to, democracy.

The second edition includes the recent developments in work law in the light of the economic and political changes that have and continue to impact on the world of work. New cases and legislation as well as textual material provide the reader with a unified and cohesive approach to the modern law of work in American society.

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