The Legal Writing Survival Guide

by Rachel H. Smith

Tags: Legal Writing

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ISBN 978-1-61163-145-6
eISBN 978-1-61163-431-0

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The Legal Writing Survival Guide is for any law student or lawyer facing legal writing's most common conundrums, including: the document that is too complicated, the memo that didn't find the "right" answer, the brief that must deal with bad law, and the email that has to deliver bad news. Covering predictive writing, persuasive writing, and correspondence, it offers practical tips, tricks, and tactics. The Legal Writing Survival Guide also includes clear illustrations and solutions to common grammar, punctuation, citation, and style issues that are critical to surviving any legal writing assignment. It is the survival guide you have been waiting for.

Whether you are a procrastinator, a pessimist, or just plain perplexed, The Legal Writing Survival Guide will help.

"Smith has the direct style of a writer and teacher who has learned not to waste any time; subject headings include how to write 'I was wrong,' 'I need help,' and 'I did not mean to send that earlier email' emails. Along the way, the book offers the kind of practical emotional advice that will be valuable to those who are trying to produce highly technical documents in a highly competitive environment without adequate sleep. This writer knows her audience."

Book News, Inc. (December 2012)

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