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This page refers to an out of print or superseded title.

Crime Victimization

A Comprehensive Overview

by Elizabeth Quinn Wright, Sara Brightman

2015 $60.00 324 pp paper

Tags: Victimology

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Crime Victimization: A Comprehensive Overview provides students with a broad picture of the work done to draw attention to crime victims and the overall effects of victimization, including victim needs for recovery from crime. This text explores victimization at the street crime level, but also delves into less commonly discussed types of victimization including state and corporate crime, hate crime, cybercrime, environmental crime, and workplace violence.

This text addresses the full spectrum of victimization from “victimless” crimes to repeat victimizations and provides students with an understanding of why victimization occurs, how victims deal with the aftereffects, what services are available to victims, and how professionals in the criminal justice, medical, religious, and therapeutic fields can both help and hinder victims’ journeys toward recovery. The evolution of the victims’ rights movement, along with the development of national victim service organizations, important pieces of legislation, and international victimological associations are presented to provide students with an idea of the work that practitioners, activists, and researchers have done to both improve services to and enhance our understanding of crime victims overall.

Crime Victimization provides a global understanding of victimization to highlight the impact of the crime phenomenon on the overall human condition. Additionally, students are introduced to burgeoning developments in the victim services field along with profiles of victimologists, victims’ rights activities, and victim service providers to help them identify the impact they can have on the field of victimology and on individual crime victims in their chosen fields. 

Crime Victimization: A Comprehensive Overview by Quinn and Brightman is a unique, engaging, and timely addition to the current market of victim-centered texts in both its organization and coverage of topics. Profiles of victimologists and victim advocates not only introduce students to opportunities for careers in the field, they present the reality of such work. Including these profiles is only one way this text fills a gap in the market. In addition, issues not commonly focused on by other authors, such as the needs of crime victims and victim advocates, and issues new to the field, such as the challenge of addressing crime victimization in the age of social media offer students new ways to think about the field of victimology.” — Ashley G. Blackburn, Ph.D., University of Houston

“Professors Quinn and Brightman have constructed a comprehensive review on the issues surrounding violence and victimization. This readable book includes the mainstays of victimology texts while incorporating new themes in victimology that are often overlooked such as cyber and environmental crimes. Additionally, the text includes chapters addressing victim’s rights. As a result, this well-rounded book can be used as a resource for both academics and practitioners alike.” — Tammy Garland, Ph.D., University of Tennessee Chattanooga

“[An] extensive overview of the burgeoning but vastly understudied area of victimology and victimization...provides a broad and comprehensive introduction to an area often while going into enough discussion that the reader is able to know and understand the historical and contemporary contexts of each area of victimology.” — Ava T. Carcirieri, Criminal Justice Review 40(4)

The following Teaching Materials are available electronically on a CD or via email (Please contact Beth Hall at to request a copy, and specify what format is needed):
-Teacher's Manual with chapter outlines, discussion questions and additional materials in Word/pdf formats
-Test bank is also available in separate files by chapter in .txt and Blackboard formats. Other LMS formats may be available via Respondus.
-PowerPoint slides are available upon adoption.  Sample slides from the full 364-slide presentation are available to view hereEmail for more information.

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