Fundamentals of Ohio Real Estate Law

by Wm. Bruce Davis

Tags: Real Estate Law

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ISBN 978-1-61163-401-3
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Fundamentals of Ohio Real Estate Law is written in the author's engaging conversational style. Abstract concepts are supported by clear examples and supplemental materials to help students gain a thorough understanding. Focusing on Ohio real estate principles, the author has designed the text to anticipate students' questions as they arise and answer them along the way.

Ohio real estate law is filled with idiosyncrasies. As one of the key states in the westward expansion, Ohio became a testing ground for many different real estate surveying systems, which are still used today. Fundamentals of Ohio Real Estate Law is organized in a logical manner, introducing basic concepts in early chapters and building to more complex topics, while focusing on real-world issues.

This text covers the new real estate closing requirements effective in 2015. In addition to the content for an undergraduate real estate law course, this book contains three chapters for the required law prelicensing course for Ohio real estate agents.

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