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Human Rights Module

Human Rights Module, Third Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Human Rights Module: On Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, Other Crimes Against Human Rights, and War Crimes, Third Edition

Human Rights Module

On Crimes Against Humanity, Genocide, Other Crimes Against Human Rights, and War Crimes

Third Edition

$65.00 576 pp paper

Tags: Criminal Law, Human Rights, International Law

This new edition of the Human Rights Module updates and expands the first and second. Within Part One, the book provides a relatively concise and up-to-date exploration of the "core" international crimes most often associated with human rights infractions for those interested in human rights and for use in international law courses, human rights courses, or seminars. The Module is unique because it is relatively compact and contains needed documents. "Core" crimes include crimes against humanity, genocide, other crimes against human rights (such as torture, criminalized race discrimination, apartheid, hostage-taking, and disappearances), and war crimes. There is a new introductory chapter on Human Rights Law that provides sections on the general nature and sources of international law, individual responsibility and general human rights. A final chapter focuses on civil sanctions in the U.S. for human rights violations, with attention to relevant federal statutes and various U.S. cases. Part Two of the book contains the many documents needed for students. The Module allows professors to cover basic areas and to supplement a course or seminar experience with other materials of their choice.

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