The Epistemologies and Methodologies of Africana Knowledge

by Abdul Karim Bangura

Tags: African Literature, African Studies, African World Series, Africana Studies

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Falolaism is a study of how Professor Falola's scholarly work, while historical, is based on African-centered Gnoseology—generally defined as the scientific or philosophical study of knowledge undergirded by the positive-intuitive thinking that is driven by the spiritual mind. The book is divided into an introductory chapter, twenty-two Africancentric research methodology chapters, and a concluding chapter. Each research methodology chapter is segmented into four major sections. The first section introduces the methodology and the relevance of Falola's work to the subject matter. The second section encompasses a detailed discussion of the essential features of the methodology. The third section entails an analysis of aspects in Falola's writings that are relevant for understanding and utilizing the methodology. The final section draws a conclusion based on the findings in the preceding sections. Throughout, the book addresses the need for authentic Africancentric research methodologies to investigate African phenomena.