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Land Use and Zoning Law

Land Use and Zoning Law View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Land Use and Zoning Law: Planning for Accessible Communities

Land Use and Zoning Law

Planning for Accessible Communities

$80.00 476 pp casebound

Tags: Disability Law, Land Use Planning, Zoning

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The first land use and zoning law casebook to comprehensively integrate issues of accessibility under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), Land Use and Zoning Law systematically addresses the complexites of aging in place and of disability in the context of local land regulation. This integrated approach is important because as many as thirty percent of American families have a family member with a mobility impairment, and also because mobility impairments increase with age.   

Making communities accessible requires attention to design, planning, and zoning. We not only need to remove physical barriers to access, we need to address the coordination of permissible uses, including the location of such uses as group homes, senior housing, drug rehabilitation centers, and medical marijuana dispensaries. These uses often raise conflicts with current property owners. Consequently, discussions of accessibility must go beyond design matters and focus on the coordination of uses within a community.

Book Features:

  • Covers all the core concepts of land use and zoning, and includes all the major cases.
  • Useable by people with no expertise in disability law.
  • Every case is followed by a series of Questions for Consideration that help guide students in the reading and discussion of the case.
  • Every case is followed by a Takeaway section of practice pointers.
  • Every chapter concludes with Practice Problems for discussion and for outcome assessment.
  • The entire book, at 478 pages, can be covered in a one-semester course.
  • Teaching Manual contains briefs of the cases and provides a primer on disability law issues related to land use and zoning.

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