Empowering Negotiators

Successfully Bargaining Salary Offers, Prenuptial Agreements, and Other Stressful Life Events Using the TABLE Method

by Lynn A. Epstein, Elena Maria Marty-Nelson

Tags: ADR/Negotiation/Mediation

Table of Contents (PDF)

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ISBN 978-1-61163-842-4
eISBN 978-1-61163-991-9

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This book empowers negotiators to tackle stressful life events by teaching the process of negotiating through a novel method called TABLE. The first part of the book explains the five stages of TABLE: Tactical Planning, Arranging, Bargaining, Letting Go or Resolving, and Ethics and Equity. The book also provides numerous exercises for practicing the various components of TABLE and includes a tactical planning worksheet and a post-negotiation self-reflection worksheet.

After learning the TABLE method, the second part of the book reinforces the skills by including several full negotiating problems in the practice areas of salary offers, non-compete agreements, prenuptial agreements, will contests, personal injury, and landlord/tenant disputes. This book uniquely includes legal principles to use for the problems, which provides a realistic approach for developing effective negotiating skills, since researching and recognizing the law is integral to negotiating many significant life events.

The book provides guidance for both personal and professional negotiations. Whether negotiating for yourself or on behalf of others, the TABLE method develops effective negotiation skills that will minimize conflicts, reduce stress, and streamline resolutions.

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