Dictionary of International Trade Law

3rd Edition

by Raj Bhala

Tags: International Law, Trade Law

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ISBN 978-1-63283-390-7
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Dictionary of International Trade Law was the first of its kind book, and remains the indispensable reference that students, scholars, and practitioners around the world frequently consult. This Dictionary defines and explains in detail hundreds of terms — common and uncommon ones — used in the field, from the 'ACU' and 'CMAA' to 'TIFA' and the 'WCO.' Many entries include organizational charts (e.g., the structure of the new Department of Homeland Security) and tables (e.g., of precedent-setting cases on zeroing). Many entries also provide references for further research. Notably, the Dictionary has two Annexes:

  • Annex A has data on U.S. FTAs, including votes by political party in Congress, on immediate versus deferred duty-free treatment for goods, market access for services, and government procurement thresholds. It also boasts a Note on TPP, which is rich in breadth and depth.
  • Annex B sets out research tools, such as tables on milestones in Chinese history (from early dynasties through modern legal reforms), EU institutions, and U.S. trade statutes.

Like the globally acclaimed book, International Trade Law: An Interdisciplinary, Non-Western Textbook, the Dictionary enjoys both legal and non-legal audiences. That is because the Dictionary pays special attention to practical terms and theoretical concepts from international economics and development studies.

Among the highlights of the third edition of the Dictionary are:

  • Several dozen brand New and Expansive entries for even more thorough coverage.
  • Updated and expanded material for hundreds of existing entries.
  • Several hundred Suggestions for Further Research, covering materials published up through the first 20 years of the life of the WTO.
  • Compilation, synthesis, and analysis of updated data on every one of America's FTAs, and of every one of Japan's EPAs.
  • Updated historical information about milestones in the economic development of the EU and China.

In sum, the 1,500-page Dictionary is the user-friendly tool for students, scholars, and practitioners to navigate through and critically analyze the complex jargon and concepts in trade.

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