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Skills & Values: Legal Negotiating

Skills & Values: Legal Negotiating book jacket View Table of Contents and Introductory Material

Skills & Values: Legal Negotiating is one of the first titles in the new Skills & Values Series and is now in its third edition. The books in this new series are designed to enable professors to assign supplementary practice-oriented material to enrich their students' traditional study. The online components of these books add an exciting dimension because they are designed to teach the current media-saturated generation of students in ways that are more effective for them. Skills & Values: Legal Negotiating is designed to demonstrate how individuals actually negotiate. Coverage addresses:

  • Different stages of the negotiation process;
  • The various negotiation techniques students are likely to encounter in practice;
  • Impact of negotiator styles on bargaining interactions;
  • Importance of nonverbal communication;
  • Ways in which gender-based stereotypes may affect bargaining encounters;
  • The unique aspects of telephone and e-mail interactions;
  • Plea bargaining negotiations;
  • International business and human rights negotiations;
  • Multi-party interactions;
  • Ethical issues negotiators are likely to encounter; and
  • Mediation.

It thus makes it easy for negotiation students to comprehend how bargaining interactions develop and to appreciate the different factors that affect those encounters. The materials are designed to allow students to self-assess, thus enhancing the learning experience while allowing professors maximum flexibility to choose the level of their own engagement.

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