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Elder Law Titles

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Awakening From the Dream

Awakening From the Dream: Civil Rights Under Siege and the New Struggle for Equal Justice

by Denise C. Morgan, Rachel D. Godsil, Joy Moses2005, 482 pp, paper, ISBN-10 1-59460-074-0, ISBN 978-1-59460-074-6 $48.00
Comparative Perspectives on Adult Guardianship

Comparative Perspectives on Adult Guardianship

Edited by: A. Kimberley Dayton2014, 388 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-182-1 $53.00
Domestic Violence, Second Edition

Domestic Violence: Law, Policy, and Practice, Second Edition

by Diane Kiesel2017, 906 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-63281-558-3 $161.00 Teacher's Manual available
Elder Law, Fourth Edition, 2015 Revision

Elder Law: Readings, Cases, and Materials, Fourth Edition, 2015 Revision

by A. Kimberley Dayton, Molly M. Wood2015, 840 pp, electronic media, ISBN 978-1-61163-696-3 $39.99
Elder Law, Sixth Edition

Elder Law: Cases and Materials, Sixth Edition

by Lawrence Frolik, Alison Barnes2015, 578 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-63282-449-3 $182.00 Teacher's Manual available
The Empowered Paralegal: Working with the Elder Client

The Empowered Paralegal: Working with the Elder Client

by Robert E. Mongue2010, 328 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-59460-795-0 $39.00 Teacher's Manual available
Fifty and Beyond

Fifty and Beyond: The Law You and Your Parents Need to Know

by Kenney F. Hegland, Allan D. Bogutz1999, 315 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-784-0, ISBN 978-0-89089-784-3 $22.95
The Law and Older Persons

The Law and Older Persons: Is Geriatric Jurisprudence Therapeutic?

by Marshall B. Kapp2003, 240 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-195-8, ISBN 978-0-89089-195-7 $28.00
Mastering Elder Law, Second Edition

Mastering Elder Law, Second Edition

by Ralph C. Brashier2015, 540 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-59460-759-2 $42.00
New Times, New Challenges

New Times, New Challenges: Law and Advice for Savvy Seniors and Their Families

by Kenney F. Hegland, Robert B. Fleming2010, 308 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-59460-737-0 $32.00
Veterans Affairs Law

Veterans Affairs Law

by Paul M. Schoenhard2012, 562 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-61163-030-5 $75.00 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
Why Did I Walk into This Room?

Why Did I Walk into This Room?: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Growing Older

by Kenney F. Hegland, Lawrence Frolik2020, 208 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1976-1 $28.00

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