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American Constitutional Law, Volume 2

American Constitutional Law, Volume Two, Twelfth Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
American Constitutional Law, Volume 2: Constitutional Rights: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties, Twelfth Edition

American Constitutional Law, Volume 2

Constitutional Rights: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties

Twelfth Edition

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Tags: Constitutional Law, Political Science

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This book, in addition to analyzing and including excerpts of court decisions, highlights the efforts of legislatures, executives, the states, and the general public to participate in an ongoing political dialogue about the meaning of the Constitution. It therefore rejects the idea that elected leaders and the public must passively receive and obey a series of unilateral and final judicial commands. The book covers all new developments in case law, congressional statutes, presidential policies, and initiatives undertaken by states under their own constitutions. Included are readings not only from cases but congressional floor debates, committee reports, committee hearings, presidential vetoes and statements, opinions of the Office of Legal Counsel in the Justice Department, state activity, Federalist papers, and professional journals.

Professors may choose between the one-volume casebound book or two paperbacks: Volume 1 on "Constitutional Structures: Separated Powers and Federalism," and Volume 2 on "Constitutional Rights: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties."

This paperback Volume 2 (subtitled Constitutional Rights: Civil Rights and Civil Liberties) includes chapters 10 through 19 of American Constitutional Law, Twelfth Edition (hardback).

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