A Consummate Lawyer

William Reece Smith, Jr.

by Michael I. Swygert

Tags: Legal History

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ISBN 978-1-59460-806-3

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Hundreds of judges and lawyers throughout the United States personally know William Reece Smith, Jr., who has been described "as a legendary lawyer." Thousands more throughout the nation and around the world know him by his reputation—a person of uncompromising integrity, competence, and commitment to the legal profession and to the administration of justice. His service to bar associations is unequaled and has done much to enhance the availability of legal services to the poor and the disadvantaged.

This biography examines the life of a hard working, goal-oriented individual, now in his ninth decade. It starts with his childhood and continues through the present. In doing so, it chronicles the development and maturation of a determined human being. It describes the character traits and talents needed to be a successful lawyer. His career has been one of private and public service. Above all he has uncompromisingly pursued justice for all Americans, regardless of economic means. He embodies the legal profession's highest virtues and traditions of service. This biography tells the story of William Reece Smith, Jr. Now, in his sixtieth year in the legal profession, "Reece" continues to be a consummate lawyer.

". . . Smith has lived a productive life that is an honor both to himself and his profession, and Michael. I Swygert . . . has meticulously documented almost every office and honor that Smith has achieved. . . ." The Law and Politics Book Review

"This biography will help the reader understand the many ways in which this remarkable individual, now chair emeritus of the Carlton Fields law firm in Tampa, has worked to make our world a significantly better place." Tampa Bay History