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Food, Farming, and Sustainability

Food, Farming, and Sustainability, Second Edition View Table of Contents and Introductory Material
Food, Farming, and Sustainability: Readings in Agricultural Law, Second Edition

Food, Farming, and Sustainability

Readings in Agricultural Law

Second Edition

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Tags: Agricultural Law, Animal Law, Entertainment/Food and Beverage Law

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Food, Farming, and Sustainability provides a survey of the unique network of laws that apply to agriculture, framed in the context of society's need for a sustainable, resilient food supply. Traditionally, agriculture has been favored in the law with exemptions, exceptions, and special rules that reflect the unique character of agricultural production. This book examines this special treatment, exploring its origin and its impact.

The new edition provides updates to each of the prior chapters, incorporates new census data on agriculture in the U.S., explores the 2014 Farm Bill, and examines new developments in agricultural biotechnology law. It is an expanded edition that includes a new chapter on food safety and agricultural production and incorporates new readings on climate change and agriculture. The book continues its theme of providing a mix of readings in law and policy, using current events to highlight the challenges facing society in balancing social, political, economic, and environmental concerns. From its initial discussion of "agricultural exceptionalism" and industrial scale production to its concluding remarks on the future of our food system, this book is certain to provoke thoughtful discussion.

The companion website at has been updated and will continue to supplement the readings.

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