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To Form a More Perfect Union

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To Form a More Perfect Union

An Anthology of American Values and the Debate on Income and Wealth Disparity

Edited by: Phillip A. Hubbart, Dennis Dalton, Charles Edelstein

2016 $29.00 260 pp paper

Tags: Economics and Law, History, Political Science

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To Form a More Perfect Union: An Anthology of American Values and the Debate on Wealth and Income Disparity addresses critical issues relevant to the approaching 2016 U.S. presidential election and beyond. It deals with a central political and economic issue that is at the core of the political debate in this country: the growing gap between the rich and poor and the erosion of the middle class.

In this book, the editors present a broad cross-section of economic and political thought on this subject, including the conservative market approach, the liberal governmental intervention approach, the voices of the ancient Greeks, the great philosophers of the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, and public figures of America past and present.

A useful one volume source of material, this book is intended to serve as an important reference for several audiences, including:

·      Opinion makers, candidates, voters, and the educated public;

·      College students seeking material for papers, class presentations, and theses;

·      Faculty teaching in disciplines relevant to income and wealth distribution;

·      Speechmakers, blog writers, and media writers/interviewers; and

·      Librarians and researchers.

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