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Economics and Law Titles

Economics and Law Titles

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Economic Analysis for Lawyers jacket

Economic Analysis for Lawyers, Third Edition

by Henry N. Butler, Christopher Drahozal, Joanna Shepherd2014, 650 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-59460-997-8 $85.00

Economic Regulation Cases and Materials

by Richard J. Pierce, Jr.2003, casebound, ISBN: 978-0-87084-275-7 $94.00

Foundations of the Economic Approach to Law jacket

Foundations of the Economic Approach to Law

by Avery Wiener Katz2012, 454 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-42249-943-6 $52.00

International Business and Economics jacket

International Business and Economics: Law and Policy, Fourth Edition

by Paul Stephan, Julie Roin2010, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-42247-892-9 $189.00 Electronic Teacher's Manual availableAvailable on Kindle

International Business and Economics Document Supplement jacket

International Business and Economics Document Supplement: Law and Policy, Fourth Edition

by Paul Stephan, Julie Roin2010, 1086 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-42247-988-9 $71.00 Available on Kindle

Law and Economics jacket

Law and Economics: An Introductory Toolkit for Lawyers

by Robin Paul Malloy2019, 156 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-0466-8 $30.00

Law and Economics of the European Union

by Paul Stephan, Francesco Parisi, Ben Depoorter2001, casebound, ISBN: 978-0-82056-105-9 $155.00

Law and Public Policy (Paperback) jacket

Law and Public Policy (Paperback): A Socioeconomic Approach

by Lynne L. Dallas2005, 788 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 1-5310-1231-0, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1231-1 $88.00

Microeconomic Predicates to Law and Economics

2003, paper, ISBN: 978-0-87084-804-9 $29.00

The Debt Ceiling Disasters jacket

The Debt Ceiling Disasters: How the Republicans Created an Unnecessary Constitutional Crisis and How the Democrats Can Fight Back

by Neil H. Buchanan2013, 198 pp, ISBN: 978-1-61163-442-6 $8.99 Available on Kindle

To Form a More Perfect Union jacket

To Form a More Perfect Union: An Anthology of American Values and the Debate on Income and Wealth Disparity

Edited by: Phillip A. Hubbart, Dennis Dalton, Charles Edelstein2016, 260 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-891-2 $29.00 Available on Kindle

TPP Objectively jacket

TPP Objectively: Law, Economics, and National Security of History’s Largest, Longest Free Trade Agreement

by Raj Bhala2016, 512 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-959-9 $70.00 Available on Kindle

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