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An Anthology of Disability Literature jacket

An Anthology of Disability Literature

Edited by: Christy Thompson Ibrahim2011, 352 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-057-2 $47.00 Teacher's Manual available

Bordering on Madness jacket

Bordering on Madness: An American Land Use Tale, Second Edition

by Andrew F. Popper2008, 268 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-59460-537-6 $25.00

Culture, Society, and Politics in Modern African Literature jacket

Culture, Society, and Politics in Modern African Literature: Texts and Contexts

by Tanure Ojaide, Joseph Obi2002, 200 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 0-89089-142-7, ISBN: 978-0-89089-142-1 $20.00

Etches on Fresh Waters jacket

Etches on Fresh Waters

by Toyin Falola, Aderonke A. Adesanya2009, 386 pp, jacketed hardback, ISBN: 978-1-59460-587-1 $90.00

Fred Korematsu jacket

Fred Korematsu: All American Hero

by Anupam Chander, Madhavi Sunder, Angelia Loi2011, 96 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-000-8 $12.00

The Law and Harry Potter jacket

The Law and Harry Potter

Edited by: Jeffrey E. Thomas, Franklin G. Snyder2010, 422 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-59460-645-8 $38.00

Law, Literature, and Therapeutic Jurisprudence jacket

Law, Literature, and Therapeutic Jurisprudence

by Amy D. Ronner2010, 320 pp, jacketed hardback, ISBN: 978-1-59460-637-3 $47.00

Literary Pan-Africanism jacket

Literary Pan-Africanism: History, Contexts, and Criticism

by Christel N. Temple2005, 208 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 0-89089-848-0, ISBN: 978-0-89089-848-2 $22.00

Literary Spaces jacket

Literary Spaces: Introduction to Comparative Black Literature

by Christel N. Temple2007, 654 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-0-89089-564-1 $50.00

Oral and Written Expressions of African Cultures jacket

Oral and Written Expressions of African Cultures

by Toyin Falola, Fallou Ngom2009, 264 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-59460-647-2 $28.00

Our Words, Our Ways jacket

Our Words, Our Ways: Reading and Writing in North Carolina

by Sally Buckner1995, 748 pp, hardback, ISBN-10: 0-89089-696-8, ISBN: 978-0-89089-696-9 $40.00 Teacher's Manual available

Poetic Imagination in Black Africa jacket

Poetic Imagination in Black Africa: Essays on African Poetry

by Tanure Ojaide1996, 168 pp, paper, ISBN-10: 0-89089-855-3, ISBN: 978-0-89089-855-0 $20.00

Sam Ragan jacket

Sam Ragan: North Carolina's Literary Godfather

by Lewis Bowling2019, 392 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1705-7 $29.95

Scoundrels of Deferral jacket

Scoundrels of Deferral: Poems to Redeem Reflection

by Toyin Falola, Vik Bahl2006, 220 pp, hardback, ISBN-10: 1-59460-338-3, ISBN: 978-1-59460-338-9 $65.00

Servants, Slaves, and Savages jacket

Servants, Slaves, and Savages: Reflections of Law in American Literature

by Veronica C. Hendrick2012, 150 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-59460-442-3 $25.00

Sunrise at the American Market jacket

Sunrise at the American Market

by Andrew F. Popper2016, 272 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-818-9 $19.95

This Is Our Story jacket

This Is Our Story

by Wendi Adelson2013, 276 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-61163-457-0 $25.00

Word and Witness jacket

Word and Witness: 100 Years of North Carolina Poetry

by Sally Buckner1999, 336 pp, hardback, ISBN-10: 0-89089-686-0, ISBN: 978-0-89089-686-0 $28.00

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