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Curing and Healing, Second Edition

Curing and Healing: Medical Anthropology in Global Perspective, Second Edition

by Andrew Strathern, Pamela J. Stewart2010, 280 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-59460-592-5 $30.00
Elusive Fragments

Elusive Fragments: Making Power, Propriety, and Health in Samoa

by Douglass D. Drozdow-St. Christian2002, 286 pp, hardback, ISBN-10 0-89089-746-8, ISBN 978-0-89089-746-1 $55.00
Endangered Species

Endangered Species: Health, Illness and Death among Madagascar's People of the Forest

by Janice Harper2002, 296 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-238-5, ISBN 978-0-89089-238-1 $33.00
The Gene and the Genie

The Gene and the Genie: Tradition, Medicalization and Genetic Counseling in a Bedouin Community in Israel

by Aviad E. Raz2005, 192 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-448-5, ISBN 978-0-89089-448-4 $25.00
Healing the Modern in a Central Javanese City

Healing the Modern in a Central Javanese City

by Steve Ferzacca2001, 296 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-220-2, ISBN 978-0-89089-220-6 $40.00
Indigenous Peoples and Diabetes

Indigenous Peoples and Diabetes: Community Empowerment and Wellness

Edited by: Mariana Leal Ferreira, Gretchen Chesley Lang2005, 576 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-580-5, ISBN 978-0-89089-580-1 $65.00
The Kidney Sellers

The Kidney Sellers: A Journey of Discovery in Iran

by Sigrid Fry-Revere2014, 254 pp, jacketed hardback, ISBN 978-1-61163-512-6 $35.00
Lost Selves and Lonely Persons

Lost Selves and Lonely Persons: Experiences of Illness and Well-Being among Tamil Refugees in Norway

by Anne Sigfrid Grønseth2010, 288 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-59460-721-9 $40.00
Of Orderlies and Men

Of Orderlies and Men: Hospital Porters Achieving Wellness at Work

by Nigel Rapport2009, 298 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-59460-532-1 $25.00
Physicians at Work, Patients in Pain, Second Edition

Physicians at Work, Patients in Pain: Biomedical Practice and Patient Response in Mexico, Second Edition

by Kaja Finkler2001, 320 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-749-2, ISBN 978-0-89089-749-2 $35.00
Playing for Life

Playing for Life: Performance in Africa in the Age of AIDS

by Louise M. Bourgault2003, 344 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-125-7, ISBN 978-0-89089-125-4 $48.00
The Practice of Concern

The Practice of Concern: Ritual, Well-Being, and Aging in Rural Japan

by John W. Traphagan2004, 248 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-406-X, ISBN 978-0-89089-406-4 $30.00
Sex and Gender Differences in Health and Disease

Sex and Gender Differences in Health and Disease

by Ricky L. Langley2003, 376 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-471-X, ISBN 978-0-89089-471-2 $35.00
Social Discord and Bodily Disorders

Social Discord and Bodily Disorders: Healing Among the Yupno of Papua New Guinea

by Verena Keck2005, 358 pp, paper, ISBN-10 0-89089-404-3, ISBN 978-0-89089-404-0 $38.00
We Have No Microbes Here

We Have No Microbes Here: Healing Practices in a Turkish Black Sea Village

by Sylvia Wing Önder2007, 330 pp, paper, ISBN 978-0-89089-573-3 $40.00

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