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Administrative Law and Policy jacket

Administrative Law and Policy

by John M. Scheb, II, Hemant K. Sharma2021, 872 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1937-2 $119.00 Teacher's Manual available
Agency, Partnership, and the LLC: The Law of Unincorporated Business Enterprises jacket

Agency, Partnership, and the LLC: The Law of Unincorporated Business Enterprises: Cases, Materials, Problems, Abridged Tenth Edition

by J. Dennis Hynes, Mark J. Loewenstein2021, 736 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1513-8 $98.00 Teacher's Manual available
Assessment of Teaching and Learning jacket

Assessment of Teaching and Learning: A Comprehensive Guidebook for Law Schools

by Kelly Terry, Gerald F. Hess, Emily Grant, Sandra Simpson2021, 292 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-130-2 $38.00
Basic Accounting Principles for Lawyers jacket

Basic Accounting Principles for Lawyers, Fourth Edition

by C. Steven Bradford2021, 200 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1191-8 $69.00
Civil Procedure jacket

Civil Procedure: Cases, Text, Notes, and Problems, Fourth Edition

by Larry L. Teply, Denis F. McLaughlin, Ralph U. Whitten2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2052-1 $133.00 Teacher's Manual available
Copyright Law jacket

Copyright Law: Protection of Original Expression, Fourth Edition

by Ryan Vacca, Sheldon W. Halpern2021, 1316 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-0771-3 $160.00 Teacher's Manual available
Core Criminal Law jacket

Core Criminal Law: Learning Through Multiple-Choice Questions

by Kathy Swedlow2021, 360 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1898-6 $60.00
Crime Online jacket

Crime Online: Correlates, Causes, and Context, Fourth Edition

Edited by: Thomas J. Holt2021, 308 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2047-7 $49.00 Teacher's Manual available
Criminal Law jacket

Criminal Law: Problems, Statutes, and Cases, Second Edition

by Kevin C. McMunigal, Daniel S. Medwed2021, 914 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1736-1 $189.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcomingIncludes Core Knowledge for Lawyers online content
Criminal Procedure jacket

Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Constraints Upon Investigation and Proof, Ninth Edition

by James J. Tomkovicz, Welsh S. White2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2142-9 $225.00 Teacher's Manual available
Evidence jacket

Evidence: The Objection Method, Sixth Edition

by Daniel J. Capra, Stephen A. Saltzburg, Christine M. Arguello2021, 1332 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2108-5 $230.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 6) jacket

Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 6): The First Amendment, Second Edition

by Scott W. Gaylord, Christopher R. Green, Lee J. Strang2021, 538 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1677-7 $52.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
Food and Drug Regulation jacket

Food and Drug Regulation: A Statutory Approach

by Adam I. Muchmore2021, 734 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-0445-3 $170.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
Gaming Law and Gambling Law jacket

Gaming Law and Gambling Law: Cases, Materials, and Problems, Second Edition

by Robert M. Jarvis, J. Wesley Cochran, Ronald J. Rychlak2021, 990 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1344-8 $190.00 Teacher's Manual available
International Legislative Drafting Guidebook jacket

International Legislative Drafting Guidebook: 25th Anniversary Celebration

Edited by: David A. Marcello2021, 294 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1801-6 $75.00
<em>Jean v. Nelson</em> jacket

Jean v. Nelson: A Civil Rights Revolution in Immigration, Deep Dive Series

by Irwin P. Stotzky2021, 366 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-94607-434-8 $28.95
Lawyering Skills in the Doctrinal Classroom jacket

Lawyering Skills in the Doctrinal Classroom: Using Legal Writing Pedagogy to Enhance Teaching Across the Law School Curriculum

Edited by: Tammy Pettinato Oltz2021, 386 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-0199-5 $40.00
Multicultural Lawyering jacket

Multicultural Lawyering: Navigating the Culture of the Law, the Lawyer, and the Client

by Kimberly E. O'Leary, Mable Martin-Scott2021, 392 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2041-5 $49.00 Teacher's Manual available
Nine Steps to Law School Success jacket

Nine Steps to Law School Success: A Scientifically Proven Study Process for Success in Law School

by Lisa M. Blasser2021, 120 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-0037-0 $24.95
Objectification and Standardization jacket

Objectification and Standardization: On the Limits and Effects of Ritually Fixing and Measuring Life

by Tord Larsen, Michael Blim, Theodore M. Porter, Kalpana Ram, Nigel Rapport2021, 414 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1895-5 $54.00
Poverty Law and Advocacy in America jacket

Poverty Law and Advocacy in America: Readings and Materials

by Steven M. Virgil, Sherri Lawson Clark2021, 528 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-560-7 $89.00 Teacher's Manual available
The Public Trust Doctrine in Environmental and Natural Resources Law jacket

The Public Trust Doctrine in Environmental and Natural Resources Law, Third Edition

by Michael C. Blumm, Mary Wood2021, 616 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2056-9 $105.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
Seed Deals jacket

Seed Deals: How to Grow from Startup to Venture Capital

by David J. Willbrand2021, 170 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2128-3 $39.00
Sex Crime, Offenders, and Society jacket

Sex Crime, Offenders, and Society: A Critical Look at Sexual Offending and Policy, Second Edition

by Christina Mancini2021, 406 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-769-4 $60.00 Teacher's Manual available
Special Education Law jacket

Special Education Law: Cases and Materials, Fifth Edition

by Mark C. Weber2021, 872 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2079-8 $218.00 Teacher's Manual available
Thinking and Writing About Law jacket

Thinking and Writing About Law

by Kevin Bennardo2021, 140 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1953-2 $29.00
The U.S. Legal System jacket

The U.S. Legal System: The Basics

by Toni Jaeger-Fine2021, 184 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2037-8 $47.00 Teacher's Manual available

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