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An Annotated Legislative Record of the Federal Arbitration Act jacket

An Annotated Legislative Record of the Federal Arbitration Act

by Imre Szalai2020, 248 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-2010-1 $50.00
<em>Burrow-Giles v. Sarony</em> (US 1884) jacket

Burrow-Giles v. Sarony (US 1884): Copyright Protection for Photographs, and Concepts of Authorship, Deep Dive Series

by Jane C. Ginsburg2020, 310 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-94607-429-4 $28.95
Child Death Investigations jacket

Child Death Investigations: Interdisciplinary Techniques from Cradle to Court, Third Edition

by Lisa Mayhew2020, 178 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1742-2 $29.00 Teacher's Manual available
Comparative and International Policing, Justice, and Transnational Crime jacket

Comparative and International Policing, Justice, and Transnational Crime, Third Edition

Edited by: Sesha Kethineni2020, 540 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-0914-4 $62.00 Teacher's Manual available

Contracting Law Workbook, Fifth Edition

by Amy Kastely, Deborah Waire Post, Nancy Ota, Deborah Zalesne2020, 216 pp, 3-hole drilled, ISBN: 978-1-59460-995-4 $29.00
COVID-19 jacket

COVID-19: The Legal Challenges

Edited by: Stephen Dycus, Eugene R. Fidell2020, 360 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-2045-3 $50.00
Criminal Law jacket

Criminal Law, Ninth Edition

by Paul Marcus, Linda A. Malone, Cara H. Drinan, William W. Berry III2020, 952 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1464-3 $215.00 Teacher's Manual available
Evidence: 2021 Statutory Supplement jacket

Evidence: 2021 Statutory Supplement, Fourth Edition

by Peter Nicolas2020, 272 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-2112-2 $49.00
Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 1) jacket

Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 1): Introduction to Interpretive Methods and the Federal Judicial Power, Third Edition

by Scott W. Gaylord, Christopher R. Green, Lee J. Strang2020, 232 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1980-8 $38.00 2020 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
The Gunner’s Guide to Law School jacket

The Gunner’s Guide to Law School

by Marc A. Silverman2020, 114 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-2035-4 $24.95
Improving Student Learning in the Doctrinal Law School Classroom jacket

Improving Student Learning in the Doctrinal Law School Classroom: Skills and Assessment

by Kimberly E. O'Leary, Jeanette Buttrey, Joni Larson2020, 148 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1935-8 $26.00
International Business Transactions jacket

International Business Transactions: Text, Cases, and Materials, Second Edition

by Frank Emmert2020, 1168 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-5310-0567-2 $215.00 2020 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
Jim Crow in North Carolina jacket

Jim Crow in North Carolina: The Legislative Program from 1865 to 1920

by Richard A. Paschal2020, 318 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1771-2 $29.00
Making Japan’s National Game jacket

Making Japan’s National Game: A Cultural History of Baseball in Japan

by Blair Williams2020, 220 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1531-2 $33.00
The Philosophy of Nimi Wariboko jacket

The Philosophy of Nimi Wariboko: Social Ethics, Economy, and Religion

Edited by: Toyin Falola2020, 456 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1024-9 $60.00
Pursuing the Horizon jacket

Pursuing the Horizon: Stories of Justice

by Russell F. Canan2020, 342 pp, jacketed hardback, ISBN: 978-1-94607-432-4 $28.95
Questions & Answers: Contracts jacket

Questions & Answers: Contracts, Third Edition

by Scott J. Burnham2020, 256 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1797-2 $26.99
State and Local Government in a Federal System jacket

State and Local Government in a Federal System, Ninth Edition

by Daniel R. Mandelker, Judith Welch Wegner, Janice C. Griffith, Evan C. Zoldan, Cynthia Baker2020, 988 pp, casebound, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1487-2 $210.00 Teacher's Manual available
Understanding Constitutional Law jacket

Understanding Constitutional Law, Fifth Edition

by William D. Araiza2020, 680 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1870-2 $51.00
Understanding Employment Discrimination Law jacket

Understanding Employment Discrimination Law, Third Edition

by Thomas R. Haggard, Bruce N. Cameron2020, 424 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1177-2 $51.00
Why Did I Walk into This Room? jacket

Why Did I Walk into This Room?: A Thinking Person’s Guide to Growing Older

by Kenney F. Hegland, Lawrence Frolik2020, 208 pp, paper, ISBN: 978-1-5310-1976-1 $28.00

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