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Making the Pieces Fit jacket

Making the Pieces Fit: Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions and the Daimler-Chrysler Deal

by Joan MacLeod Heminway, Maurice E. StuckeForthcoming 2021, ISBN 978-1-61163-853-0 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Mastering Intellectual Property Licensing, Management, and Valuation jacket

Mastering Intellectual Property Licensing, Management, and Valuation

by Lars S. Smith, Llewellyn Joseph GibbonsForthcoming 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-495-2

Introduction to the Law and Legal System of the United States jacket

Introduction to the Law and Legal System of the United States: Structures, Functions, Principles, and Practices in National and International Context

by Larry Catá BackerForthcoming 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-927-8 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Questions & Answers: Sales & Leases jacket

Questions & Answers: Sales & Leases

by Aviva AbramovskyForthcoming 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-63043-839-5

Genius for Justice jacket

Genius for Justice: Charles Hamilton Houston and the Reform of American Law

by José Felipé AndersonForthcoming May 2021, ISBN 978-1-59460-985-5

Banking and Financial Services Law jacket

Banking and Financial Services Law: Cases, Materials, and Problems, Fourth Edition

by Michael P. MalloyForthcoming 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1420-9 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Dr. A. A. Y. Kyerematen jacket

Dr. A. A. Y. Kyerematen: A Cultural Prince of Africa

by A. B. Assensoh, Yvette M. Alex-AssensohForthcoming 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1140-6

African Humanity jacket

African Humanity: Creativity, Identity and Personhood

by Abimbola Asojo, Toyin FalolaForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1756-9

Making Law in Papua New Guinea jacket

Making Law in Papua New Guinea: The Colonial Origins of a Postcolonial Legal System

by Bruce L. Ottley, Jean Zorn, David WeisbrotForthcoming March 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-0550-4
Food and Drug Regulation jacket

Food and Drug Regulation: A Statutory Approach

by Adam I. MuchmoreForthcoming March 2021, 734 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-0445-3 $170.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Policing in a Diverse Society jacket

Policing in a Diverse Society: Another American Dilemma, Second Edition

by Mary S. Jackson, Jerry A. Cameron, Timothy M. Hathaway, Jerry ShoemakerForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1527-5 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Mobilities of Wellbeing jacket

Mobilities of Wellbeing: Migration, the State and Medical Knowledge

Edited by: Anne Sigfrid Grønseth, Jonathan SkinnerForthcoming March 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2031-6

Global Legal Traditions jacket

Global Legal Traditions: Comparative Law for the 21st Century

by Michael J. Bazyler, Michael Bryant, Kristen Nelson, Sermid Al-SarrafForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-0785-0 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Client Interviewing, Counseling, and Decision-Making jacket

Client Interviewing, Counseling, and Decision-Making: A Practical Approach, Second Edition

by G. Nicholas Herman, Melissa A. EssaryForthcoming March 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1791-0 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

New Pilgrim Stories jacket

New Pilgrim Stories: Narratives, Identities, Authenticity

by Suzanne van der BeekForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1971-6
Objectification and Standardization jacket

Objectification and Standardization: On the Limits and Effects of Ritually Fixing and Measuring Life

by Tord Larsen, Michael Blim, Theodore M. Porter, Kalpana Ram, Nigel RapportForthcoming March 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1895-5
Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 6) jacket

Federal Constitutional Law (Volume 6): The First Amendment, Second Edition

by Scott W. Gaylord, Christopher R. Green, Lee J. StrangForthcoming March 2021, 538 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1677-7 $52.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Louisiana Law of Successions and Donations, A Précis jacket

Louisiana Law of Successions and Donations, A Précis

by Elizabeth R. CarterForthcoming March 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1580-0

Arbitration jacket

Arbitration: Cases, Problems, and Practice, Second Edition

by Matthew H. AdlerForthcoming April 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1758-3 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
Sex Crime, Offenders, and Society jacket

Sex Crime, Offenders, and Society: A Critical Look at Sexual Offending and Policy, Second Edition

by Christina ManciniForthcoming March 2021, 406 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-769-4 $60.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Contracts jacket

Contracts: The Law of Promises

by Daniel O'GormanForthcoming April 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1891-7 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Property jacket

Property: Hypotheticals, Self-Assessment Rubrics, and Tools for Success

by Jill M. FraleyForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1817-7

Understanding the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs jacket

Understanding the Outlaw Motorcycle Gangs: International Perspectives, Volume II

Edited by: Mark Lauchs, Andy BainForthcoming March 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1043-0

Sharing the Gains of the U.S. Global Economy jacket

Sharing the Gains of the U.S. Global Economy: Proceedings of the New York University 70th Annual Conference on Labor

Edited by: Charlotte Garden, Samuel EstreicherForthcoming March 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1990-7
Seed Deals jacket

Seed Deals: How to Grow from Startup to Venture Capital

by David J. WillbrandForthcoming March 2021, 170 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2128-3
Special Education Law jacket

Special Education Law: Cases and Materials, Fifth Edition

by Mark C. WeberForthcoming February 2021, 872 pp, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2079-8 $218.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

International Human Rights jacket

International Human Rights: Law, Policy, and Process, Fifth Edition

by David Weissbrodt, Jena Martin, Frank C. NewmanForthcoming April 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1768-2 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Yoruba Creativity jacket

Yoruba Creativity: Cultural Practices of the Modern World

by Bessie House-SoremekunForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-826-4
Criminal Procedure jacket

Criminal Procedure: Constitutional Constraints Upon Investigation and Proof, Ninth Edition

by James J. Tomkovicz, Welsh S. WhiteForthcoming March 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2142-9 $225.00 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Integrating Doctrine and Diversity jacket

Integrating Doctrine and Diversity: Inclusion and Equity in the Law School Classroom

Edited by: Nicole P. Dyszlewski, Raquel J. Gabriel, Suzanne Harrington-Steppen, Anna Russell, Genevieve B. TungForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1701-9

Exploring Discrimination jacket

Exploring Discrimination: Sex, Disability, and Genetic Information

by Abigail L. PerdueForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-0275-6 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Law Professor’s Desk Reference jacket

Law Professor’s Desk Reference: A Handbook for Work and Life in the Legal Academy

by Jon M. GaronForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1845-0

Florida Constitutional Law jacket

Florida Constitutional Law: Cases in Context

by Jon L. Mills, Mary E. Adkins, Timothy McLendonForthcoming April 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1879-5 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming
Multicultural Lawyering jacket

Multicultural Lawyering: Navigating the Culture of the Law, the Lawyer, and the Client

by Kimberly E. O'Leary, Mable Martin-ScottForthcoming March 2021, 392 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2041-5 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Reproductive Technologies and the Law jacket

Reproductive Technologies and the Law, Third Edition

by Judith Daar, I. Glenn Cohen, Seema Mohapatra, Sonia SuterForthcoming May 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1525-1 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

The Legislative Process, Statutory Interpretation, and Administrative Agencies jacket

The Legislative Process, Statutory Interpretation, and Administrative Agencies, Second Edition

by Linda D. JellumForthcoming May 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1200-7 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Understanding Remedies jacket

Understanding Remedies, Fourth Edition

by James M. FischerForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2189-4

Labor Relations Law jacket

Labor Relations Law: Cases and Materials, Fourteenth Edition

by Charles B. Craver, Marion G. Crain, Grant M. HaydenForthcoming May 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2033-0 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice jacket

Race, Ethnicity, Crime, and Justice, Second Edition

Edited by: Matthew B. RobinsonForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1638-8

The Law Student's Guide to Doing Well and Being Well jacket

The Law Student's Guide to Doing Well and Being Well

by Shailini Jandial GeorgeForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2155-9

Heritage jacket

Heritage: Ritual, Tradition and Contestation

by Andrew Strathern, Pamela J. StewartForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2204-4

Racism, Activism, and Integrity in College Football jacket

Racism, Activism, and Integrity in College Football: The Bates Must Play Movement

by Donald SpiveyForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2174-0

International Dispute Resolution jacket

International Dispute Resolution: Cases and Materials, Third Edition

by Mary Ellen O'Connell, Anna Spain Bradley, Amy CohenForthcoming May 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1877-1 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

United States International Taxation jacket

United States International Taxation: Outbound and Inbound Activities, Eleventh Edition

by Philip F. Postlewaite, Mitchell B. WeissForthcoming May 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1116-1

Branding in Higher Ed jacket

Branding in Higher Ed: Every University Tells a Story

by Jason W. Lee, Beth A. Cianfrone, Elizabeth A. GreggForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-61163-766-3 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Professions and Politics in Crisis jacket

Professions and Politics in Crisis

by Mark L. JonesForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2197-9

Scotland, Ireland and Wales jacket

Scotland, Ireland and Wales: Identity and History

by Pamela J. Stewart, Andrew StrathernForthcoming April 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1227-4

White Collar Crime jacket

White Collar Crime: Cases, Materials, and Problems, Fourth Edition

by J. Kelly Strader, John P. Anderson, Mihailis Diamantis, Sandra D. JordanForthcoming June 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1604-3 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Plea Bargaining Made Real jacket

Plea Bargaining Made Real

by Steven P. GrossmanForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1991-4 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Art Law & Transactions jacket

Art Law & Transactions, Second Edition

by Anne-Marie RhodesForthcoming June 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1902-0 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Tribal Sovereignty in Alaska jacket

Tribal Sovereignty in Alaska: How It Happened, What It Means

by Donald Craig MitchellForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2224-2

A Half-Century with the Internal Revenue Code jacket

A Half-Century with the Internal Revenue Code: The Memoirs of Stanley S. Surrey

by Lawrence Zelenak, Ajay MehrotraForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2118-4

Understanding Criminal Procedure, Volume One: Investigation jacket

Understanding Criminal Procedure, Volume One: Investigation, Eighth Edition

by Joshua Dressler, Alan C. Michaels, Ric SimmonsForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2153-5

Hard-Nosed Advice from a Cranky Law Professor jacket

Hard-Nosed Advice from a Cranky Law Professor: How to Succeed in Law School, Second Edition

by Cristina C. Knolton, Lisa C. Dennis, Austen L. ParrishForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2230-3

Trap Doors and Trojan Horses jacket

Trap Doors and Trojan Horses: An Auditing Action Adventure, Second Edition

by D. Larry Crumbley, David S. Kerr, Veronica Paz, Lawrence Murphy SmithForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2157-3 Teacher's Manual available

Pursuing Happiness jacket

Pursuing Happiness: One Lawyer's Journey

by Desiree Jaeger-FineForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1951-8

The California Legislature and Its Legislative Process jacket

The California Legislature and Its Legislative Process: Cases and Materials

by Chris MicheliForthcoming July 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2039-2 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Partnership Taxation jacket

Partnership Taxation, Fifth Edition

by Richard Lipton, Paul Carman, Walter D. Schwidetzky, Ross CohenForthcoming July 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2239-6

The Law of Gambling and Regulated Gaming jacket

The Law of Gambling and Regulated Gaming: Cases and Materials, Third Edition

by Anthony N. Cabot, Keith C. MillerForthcoming July 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2023-1 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Securities Litigation jacket

Securities Litigation: Law, Policy, and Practice, Second Edition

by Marc I. Steinberg, Wendy Gerwick Couture, Michael J. Kaufman, Daniel J. MorrisseyForthcoming July 2021, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-1547-3

Business Law and Organizations for Paralegals jacket

Business Law and Organizations for Paralegals, Third Edition

by Emily Lynch MorissetteForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2058-3 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Education Law jacket

Education Law: Cases and Materials, Third Edition

by Jacqueline A. Stefkovich, Kevin P. Brady, Traci N.W. Ballard, Lawrence F. RossowForthcoming July 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1686-9 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Law and the Hospitality Industry jacket

Law and the Hospitality Industry, Second Edition

by Sandi Towers-RomeroForthcoming July 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2249-5

Successful Aging in a Rural Community in Japan jacket

Successful Aging in a Rural Community in Japan

by Kimiko Tanaka, Nan E. JohnsonForthcoming July 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1861-0

Race, Gender, Class, and Criminal Justice jacket

Race, Gender, Class, and Criminal Justice: Examining Barriers to Justice

by Danielle McDonald, Cherie DawsonForthcoming August 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1893-1

Seven Deadly Sins jacket

Seven Deadly Sins: Constitutional Rights and the Criminal Justice System, Second Edition

by Mark Denniston, Bruce Bayley, Molly Sween, David R. LynchForthcoming August 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-1872-6

The Criminalization of Mental Illness jacket

The Criminalization of Mental Illness: Crisis and Opportunity for the Justice System, Third Edition

by Risdon N. Slate, Kelly Frailing, W. Wesley Johnson, Jacqueline K. Buffington-VollumForthcoming July 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-0442-2 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

<em>Jean v. Nelson</em> jacket

Jean v. Nelson: A Civil Rights Revolution in Immigration, Deep Dive Series

by Irwin P. StotzkyForthcoming April 2021, 366 pp, paper, ISBN 978-1-94607-434-8 $28.95

Arizona Legal Research jacket

Arizona Legal Research, Fourth Edition

by Tamara S. HerreraForthcoming May 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2073-6 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Constitutional Law jacket

Constitutional Law: A Context and Practice Casebook, Third Edition

by David Schwartz, Lori RinghandForthcoming July 2020, casebound, ISBN 978-1-5310-2064-4 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

Louisiana Legal Research jacket

Louisiana Legal Research, Fourth Edition

by Mary Garvey AlgeroForthcoming June 2021, paper, ISBN 978-1-5310-2088-0 2021 Teacher's Manual forthcoming

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